Very clean and pleasant place for lunch. Pizza is fresh and the juices are the BEST!!! Recommended you go there for a nice positive environment. DID I MENTION THE JUICES ARE THE BEST
Good, inexpensive late night eating in Astoria
Wow... Best place to have your pizza and fried chicken. Hmmm and don’t forget to try there salad bar. (HALAL)
A DOLLAR A SLICE!?!?! where in NYC can you find pizza at that price. And the slices are really good too.. I'll be stopping by there more often
This guys very friendly . pizza is super tasty I'm gona say Best pizza and fried chicken in town Astoria Steinway street
One slice 99 cent which is very good. Taste I like which better then others pizza. Staff are friendly. Nice and clean service. Thanks 3 bros .
This is probably my favorite pizza place in the town. Just one sentence the best price with the best quality... best of luck in the future.....
I must admit one of the best pizza in New York... yummy delicious....... I will recommend all of my friends and family to go and have the same experience which I had. The best price with the best quality
Great new spot for a cheap, yet delicious, slice. A clean place and great for quick stops! Nice new addition to the street and neighborhood. Salad bar is and juices are also available.
The pizza here is only 1 dollar and it's really good! I tried it today and it's really good for the price. They have a deal for 2 slices and you get a discounted canned soda, so the total would be 2.75 I think it's okay for the price since the place across the street "Gyro Uno" sells one slice for 2.50, you get more for your money at this place. The only problem with this new restaurant is the hours, They close really early at 5 pm but that's about it. Great spot for cheap pizza!